Welcome to the Runelands.

Steampunk, Six-Guns and Sorcery on the Frozen Frontier.


The Runelands are a full-sized world I’ve been developing in my head since I was a kid out of bits I’ve borrowed from others and stuff I’ve come up with myself. This really is just for the wiki, as I’m getting well-past the age when I can reasonably call people over to play D&D.

Anyway. The Runelands. They’ve gone through many different iterations and carried many different names over the years, and I’ve written thousands of words on them. If we sat across a table from each other I could tell you the story from beginning to end, but that’s useless since I co-opted a bunch of canon D&D names for my setting along with various generic adventure locations to become canon on my map.

The greater setting is divided into five main parts, each with a different flavour and purpose within the greater gaming world. I have an in-depth history for all of them, but that which follows is as brief a summary of the world’s history as it stands, as digestible as I can make it while still retaining some flavour. I’m going for brevity over style here, because gamers do enough reading as it is.

That said, I plan to expand the world when I can, detailing it here and there so that I’ll have everything in one place for later on, if my newborn son ever starts playing rpg’s like his old man. A grand dream. We’ll see if it happens.

On with the show. This here is the front page of the wiki, from which you’ll eventually be able to access the rest of the developed Runelands. I’ll start here with five broad sections, presented below. As always, click on a picture to go to the page, or just follow the link presented.

The Rules

Finally, my hacks so the rules fit the world and everything runs smoothly. I hope. Discussions of Eminence, Exemplarhood, and Sorcery are found here, along with rules hacks for steam-driven supertech and all of the goodies gamers love so much. As above, to be expanded as time and energy allow. Books We Use will contain links to an ever-expanding list of game supplements, added entire or in part as required.

The Universe


Runelands stories rely on a fair bit of suspension of disbelief to succeed, it’s true. Still and all, a good story must remain internally consistent. This is the nuts-and-bolts of a completely impossible universe. Sure, most of the rules of reality apply, but we’re discussing a steampunk high fantasy setting where shapeshifting sky pirates fly in steam-driven galleons and raid clockwork cities powered by volcanoes. There may be some explanation required. Here’s where you’ll find it. A lot of history and backstory, as these things go; unless you’re really a fan of my writing you’ll probably just want to keep up on your part of the Adventure Log.

The World

As mentioned, everything here’s been bashed together with the rough parts hammered in and sanded down or whatever it is you do with that sort of thing. As I’ve detailed the North most extensively in my scribbles to date, that’s where we begin. As years wear on and I find myself at leisure, I will detail, update and expand the current setting to include the other four continents kicking around in my brain.